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We optimise your tech teams by finding the ideal match for your open roles

Our Optimyzed 5 Steps Process combines AI with business psychology until we have placed the right candidate into your organisation.

Executive Search

Do you need to hire leaders or managers for your business? Speak to us and benefit from our vast network.


Are you scaling your organisation and need an extension to your existing Talent Team for a certain period of time? Look no further, we have the right solution for you.


Would you like to know how your talent strategy, your salaries and other aspects of your Employer Value Proposition compare to your competitors? We will help you collect more data.

We optimise and simplify your recruitment process using the latest technologies and AI tools, paired with our expertise in the recruitment industry within the technology sector. We identify the ideal candidate for a role, based on their skillset, mindset and cultural fit, ensuring they have what it takes to perform well in your environment. A simplified and streamlined recruitment process enables you to focus more of your time and attention on your core business activities.  

Client Performance Indicators

Measuring our success rate for you and all our customers is paramount. It is the only way we will be able to continuously improve our services, increasing our efficiency and effectiveness for you. As part of this ongoing review process, we are analysing our fill rate, tracking our results and listening to your feedback. 

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We specialise in recruitment within the following three sectors:


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