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Job description:

As a member of our software team you will help with the installation, test and roll-out of our system and application software for aberration correctors and spectrometers. You will closely cooperate with our physicists and engineers as well as our customers to

  • diagnose and resolve software and hardware issues,
  • maintain and optimize our build- and deployment processes,
  • help with testing and improvements of our existing code base,
  • analyze performance and usability of our software products,
  • and support the administration of our technical IT infrastructure. Much of our work relies on Linux and the open source ecosystem. We are contributing to the scientific open source community through some of our products. This will also be part of your work.

Your profile:

  • a degree in computer science or engineering or some equivalent background,
  • very good knowledge of the Linux and the Windows operating systems,
  • a good command of Python and/or C++ and revision control using git,
  • interest in concurrent programming with asyncio, multi-processing and multi-threading,
  • some experience with UI design and the Qt library would be an asset,
  • as well as the awareness of the specific requirements for high-throughput data processing.

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